The process

We work on a no win no fee basis with large corporates and high-net-worth individuals that have single occupation of large buildings and property developments, paying premiums in excess of £100,000 per year (or £600,000 across a six-year period).

1 Evidence

If you meet our criteria, the first step is to get in touch with us and share any potentially relevant documents and evidence.

2 Investigation

We’ll then instigate an investigation (at no cost to you) and confirm whether we’re able to take on your case.

3 Recovery

If so, we’ll commence the recovery process – dealing with all the legals in-house – with a view to reaching a settlement that properly compensates you for both past and future secret commissions. We’ll then retain 40% or £100,000 plus VAT (whichever is higher), and you’ll keep the rest.

This practice [secret commissions] has carried on unchecked for too long, but now it is time for it to end and for those who are responsible to be brought to justice. Our customers deserve better, which is why we are working with M2 Recovery.

Sir Peter Bottomley / MP

All the more explicitly, the details of business rents frequently name overseeing specialists to organize protection for occupiers. Under these conditions, overseeing specialists can charge guarantors robust commissions in return for facilitating strategies, which can blow up the expenses charged by back up plans by over half.

This costs policyholders a huge number of pounds every year in the UK alone, however many are unaware.

Where such game plans are not uncovered and supported by the occupier ahead of time (also the effect of such game plans on the expenses the occupier becomes committed to pay), this is a mystery commission. What’s more, these plans are frequently unlawful, which is where we come in.