The process

recovermyloss before-the-event insurance policy is the first of its type globally, which provides policyholders with legal expenses following crypto fraud.

Neil Holloway / Recover My Loss

And with crypto usage growing faster than ever – there were over £12.5 trillion worth of transactions in 2021, up 567% from 2020! – cyber crime will inevitably increase exponentially in the future.

However, for victims of crypto asset investment fraud, the cost of trying to recover lost assets can quickly escalate. Legal fees, court fees, investigatory fees, witness statements, expert reports, counsel’s opinions. It all adds up. 

In fact, it can cost upwards of £250,000 to investigate and recover lost crypto assets, and if you’re able to find a firm or a litigation funder willing to act purely on a contingency basis, they will likely require a significant cut of the value of your recovery.

But we’ve created a groundbreaking solution.